Projected vote share

VOTING WITH YOUR TWEET: An experiment in political forecasting

This map illustrates the projected vote share in congressional districts* that have both Democratic and Republican candidates. The vote share is calculated daily by examining the text of twitter messages. The new predictions are added to the map each day. To see past predictions, select a date on the gray bar. The results are experimental and should be treated as such. The graphics require a modern browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox to render properly.

*Notes: Third-party candidates are not accounted for in this experiment, nor are districts where candidates from the same party are competing for the same seat. For a full explanation of why some districts have no data, please see the FAQ.

Credits: Mark Huberty, Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, UC Berkeley;
Len De Groot, Interactive Data & Design instructor at kdmcBerkeley;
Hillary Sanders, Research assistant

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